News at the School

The practice incentive for school aged children in Term One was the Viva School of Music Star Club Chart. 

Students where encouraged to practice at least 15min, 4 times each week and by doing so recieved a star on the school Star Chart. 

The students who recieved the most stars by the end of term where given a hamper of gifts which included Village Movie tickets, Loom bands, Chocolate and much more.

Finding new ways to encourage at home practice is just one of the ways VSPA helps to extend students learning out of the lesson.

At home practice is very important in progressing your childs musical ability. Making music practice a regular part of the before or after school routine can make practice seem less of a chore and benefit your child in many ways. Practice can also help children improve self discipline, self motivation, goal setting skills and of corse increased their musical improvement. 

If your need any suggestions about how to encourage your children to practice at home, please feel free to contact Sabrina!