Achieve your best VCE Music results with our guidance and support!

When entering VCE stages 1 to 4 you want the best advice and guidance so you can reach your full potential, to perform at your peak, and achieve optimum results in all your examinations and SACs.


During your VCE we are here to support and guide you and can be reached via email, text or FB anytime of the day to help you with any unexpected questions. 

Style and Composition


Composition is not the easiest subject to tackle, but at VSPA we give you heaps of tips and tricks so you breeze through the tricky harmony and instead let your creativity and imagination take over.

Let us help you break-down this tricky subject by:

  • Helping you with set tasks, school work and small SACs

  • Showing you simple ways to structure a piece

  • Inspiring your creativity to compose and arrange music

  • Help you to write your creative process documentation and summery

  • Identify relevant creative progress examples

  • Help with analysis of compositional devices such as contrast, repetition and variation

  • Help with identifying contextual issues in a composition

Music Investigation


Although you have a heap of information you sometimes can feel overwhelmed and have no idea where to start!

Let VSPA help you break down your study and put things into simple termsby assisting you with:

  • Discussing and researching contextual issues of a set piece

  • Creating a folio of exercises, sketches and recorded improvisations

  • Examining texts and musical scores

  • Rehearsing and performing strategies for your program of works

  • Composing, arranging and Improvising


If you want the best score possible, then let us help you to organize and arrange your study so you can focus on learning and being a creative musician.

Performance & Musicianship


To help you achieve the BEST score we:

  • Help you choose your solo repertoire, to best show off your talents

  • Musicianship help: scales & modes, chord recognition, diatonic harmony and more

  • Work on your vocal technique for group and solo performance exams

  • Help you with your technical work and exercises for SACs

  • Performance opportunities*

  • VCE solo performance workshops & master classes**

  • Music Interpretation Coaching

  • Help you write your performance strategy and interpretation summery


At VSPA we are here to support and guide you. We give you exercises and strategies to work through any performance and preparation anxiety. 

We also make sure you have backing tracks or piano accompaniment to practice with at home.

Let us help take the pressure and stress off you, so you can concentrate on getting the best score possible for your exams.




*Performance opportunities include in house concerts (when available) participating in eisteddfods and competitions (extra costs may be involved)

**Workshops and masterclasses are held with industry professionals, outside of class time with students from all over VIC (extra costs are usually involved)