Policies and Procedures



Regular attendance of lessons is a responsibility of parents and students. 

Lessons are held weekly throughout the entire year, following the Victorian Public School Term Dates. Please always ask if you have any doubts about lessons running on a particular Victorian public holiday during any given term.

Please be sure to arrive on time for the scheduled lesson. There will be no make up for the lost time due to student's late arrival.


Lessons are invoiced on a per term basis (unless discussed directly with Sabrina). Payments must be made prior to the commencement of term, in full, in order to secure your regular lesson time and day. Commitment is expected for the whole term once a students time is confirmed (please see ‘termination of lessons’). If you have missed lessons during the term, have been issued a credit and have been unable to make up that time during the term, the credit will be added to the following Term payment. Only TWO credits will be issued per term (see ‘missed lessons and make-ups).



When a student enrols for lessons, the instructor commits a weekly time for that lesson. Both the instructor’s income and the music instruction budget are dependent on the fees generated by these reserved times, and therefore Viva shall not assume any financial responsibility for a student's absence without sufficient notice. 

Make-up lessons will only be given when 24-hours notice is given via email or text only.

A scheduled makeup lesson will not be rescheduled if cancelled regardless of notice.

Lessons cancelled within less than 24-hour notice will be charged in full unless a medical certificate is provided.

Lessons missed due to illness or family emergency can be rescheduled upon proof of doctor's note or in the case of a school student, their schools early dismissal form. 

Absolutely no make-up or credit will be given for any missed lessons in which no notice was given (No show / No notice). There are no make-up or credits given for missed group music or band classes.

Two Make-up Lessons ONLY will be issued per Term (unless discussed privately with Sabrina). 

If you are going away for an extended period, you will need to inform the school prior to the beginning of the new term in which you will be absent. If you will be absent for more then two lessons you are welcome to pay the term fee minus two lesson in order to keep your preferred time, alternatively you can pay only for the lessons you will be attending with the understanding that your preferred lesson time will not be held for you. 


Four weeks advanced notice prior to the commencement of any new Term is required to discontinue any lessons or you will be charged a termination fee of $150 per student. 

Viva School of Music does not give tuition refunds under any circumstances.

Withdrawal notice from lessons must be submitted in writing via email to info@vspa.com.au

Unused lesson fees are non-transferable and non-refundable.


Piano, Voice, Guitar and Drum lessons are sometimes available during the school holidays. This is a private music studio, and although we follow the academic school year, we sometimes offer lessons or workshops during the school holidays. If you and/or your family would like to have lessons during the school holidays please let us know during the school term and we can discuss available time etc. Not all instruments or classes will be available during the school holidays.


From time to time students will require musical materials (books, sheet music CDs). If any music needs to be ordered for the student, the school agrees to purchase this music with the understanding that, the student will reimburse the school upon arrival of the music. You will be notified when the materials are ordered and an invoice will be emailed to you for the cost of the materials.



Sufficient scheduled practice time on a daily basis is the surest guarantee that you, or your child, will experience consistent progress. Learning the necessary skills to become proficient will not occur by simply going to lessons. It takes committed practice on a daily basis during the week to put skills covered at the lesson into motion. Parental support is an extremely important factor in musical training for young children. Children whose parents take an active and honest interest in their child's progress tend to be more enthusiastic and productive. Learning a music instrument can be challenging and it requires self-discipline, motivation, persistence and the decision to practice on a regular basis. Consistent progress results in pride, satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. At Viva we use different practice incentives in order to encourage students to practice, however without parental support these incentives do not amount to much. A short daily 10min practice can show significant improvement in all instruments. If you have any questions regarding practice or how to get your child to practice regularly please feel free to discuss this with us.


Viva hosts TWO main concerts annually and during the year, there will also be other performance and examination opportunities available to students.  These events provide pupils with further incentives to practice and excel, and can have a positive effect on a student's sense of accomplishment. Recitals build confidence and reinforce the concept that good practice habits result in good musicianship. Participation in the school soirees and concerts is highly encouraged. Video and photographs will be taken at these events and often time posted on social media or on the schools website. Students who are enrolled at the school and have either signed or had a parent sign a registration form, agree to have their photos and videos taken from concerts, soirees or lessons used on these and other media sites. 



If the students regular teacher needs to be absent or becomes unavailable, due to illness, performances or rehearsals (most of the teachers are working musicians as well as teachers), either a make-up will be scheduled or in some cases (especially if a teacher needs to be absent for more then one week) a substitute teacher will be arranged. 

If a substitute teacher cannot be arranged, make-up lessons will be scheduled. Viva will try to give parents and students as much notice as possible if the regular students teacher is absent, however if a substitute teacher is arranged, the student agrees to have lessons with them in place of their regular teacher.



At the school we have a designated waiting room (chill out space) for all parents and students and five practice rooms with pianos, guitar and drum kits as well as access to toilet facilities.

There is a sofa and chairs as well  as magazines and access to fresh water in the waiting room and all students are welcome to eat food and have drinks while they wait, however only water is allowed in the individual practice rooms. 

Please try to arrive on time for your lesson, if you are early please take a seat in the waiting room (top of the stairs to the right) and your teacher will collect you at your designated start time. 

If you are running late please do not run up the stairs but head directly to the waiting room and your teacher will collect you. 

Piano and Guitar students are expected to have clean hands; the bathroom is located at the top of the stairs in the landing area. 

Lesson time must remain as focused as possible, therefore, we greatly DISCOURAGE parents, siblings or guests sitting in on the lesson. If people feel they absolutely must sit in on the lesson, is it important they are quiet and do not interfere with the communication between the teacher and pupil. Building trust and report between teacher and student is extremely important and constant distractions, (especially with younger students who will try to impress or show off with their parents present) will not allow the student to achieve the most out of their individual lesson.

Students and parents are welcome to sit in waiting room or head down to burke road and enjoy the many cafes and other shops while waiting for their lesson. 

Your teacher will collect you at the start of your lesson, please be patient and respect the other student’s lessons if you come a few minutes early by not knocking on studio doors. 



Please be respectful of your teacher’s time and give 24h notice for any absences or you will be charged the full rate for that missed lesson, unless the school is presented with a medical certificate.


If you have any questions regarding any of the above terms, please email, call or text Sabrina at any time. 


Upon registration you will be required to sign a registration form which ensures you agree to all the policy and procedures as outlined above.


Thank you


Sabrina Surace

Policy and Procedures are subject to change at the schools discretion, you can find a recent copy of the schools policy and procedures at the website www.vivamusic.com.au or by emailing Sabrina at info@vspa.com.au.