Group and Private Lessons
Group and Private Lessons

We will take care of:

  • Invoicing Parents

  • Scheduling music lessons around literacy and numeracy classes and excursions/incursions

  • Emailing and Scheduling lessons

  • Advertising (in your newsletter or as a flyer at your school)

  • Providing Instruments for use at the school and for hire to students for home practice.

  • Preparing students for AMEB exams, Competitions and Auditions

  • Arrange TWO yearly concerts (at your school)


All you need to do:

  • Provide a room to teach from


How are we different to other in-school music tuition programs?

We only employ Bachelor of Music Qualified Teachers who teach their Specialist Instrument ONLY. This means your students will have skilled professionals teaching them, not just university students. They will also have teachers who really understand the instrument they are teaching your students, not musicians who dabble a little in singing or guitar but are actually just violinists.

Don't settle for second rate music education. Just because the company is teaching in many schools or had been around for many years does not mean they have qualified professionals. We respect all our teachers and pay them according to their expertise which in turn means they respect the students and stay within schools for the long term - no changing teachers every term, we promise consistency and routine which is important for young students learning. 

Call or Email us today to find out how we can bring the joy of music to your school.

Other Instruments
Drums           Flute           Cello
Violin            Clarinet       Trumpet
Recorder       Viola            and many more.....
Group and Private Lessons

Viva Music Tuition at Your School.


Music tuition is offered at selected schools in Victoria, both individually and in group settings. We work closely with the school to ensure that students receive expert music tuition. Group and Private music tuition, boosts the overall prestige of the school, giving relief to parents who do not have the time to travel to music lessons after hours.