Term 1, 2020  30% off all Drum Lessons*



If you are a rhythm freak you cannot get enough of the beat in music then why not expand your knowledge and learn how to play the drums and other percussion instruments. 


At VSPA we work with you to unleash your inner rock or classical musical rhythmic self. Our approach is to encourage and motivate while helping you learn and have fun.


Every one learns in their own way and at VSPA our teachers work with your individual style to help you achieve all you can out of music learning. 


Through Drum lessons you will learn a variety of techniques not limited to pop style, but inclusive of all percussion genre. You will learn to read the unique rhythmic style of music and also musical notation. 


We work with you in order to achieve all your performance and technical goals. 


At VSPA we encourage students to participate in:


  • Competitions

  • Exams

  • Studio Concerts and Sioree

  • Auditions

  • Scholarships


Everyone has their own reasons for learning to rock it out and feel the rhythm, and we at Viva are here to help you excel and reach your personal goals and targets. 

*New Students Only. Does not apply to exisiting students changing instruments.

 Drum Lessons